Tuesday, December 30, 2008

In Which I Get What I Deserve

Those of you who weren't big fans of my last post will probably enjoy this one... While I was jubilantly composing my ode to change, Avery was wandering around entertaining herself (first indicator of poor parenting) while still clad in the previous night's diaper (second and more incriminating indicator of poor parenting).

In case anyone's ever wondered how long a size 4 disposable can hold out against a 2-year-old and three 8-ounce cups of milk, just know that 14 hours is pushing it, and may result in total failure of the absorbent granule system. When that happens, you can expect to find thousands of tiny piles of over-engineered gel all over your living room, like this:

McCain supporters, I hope this eases some of your pain.


Tania said...

I'm catching up on your posts & laughing histerically.Except at this post - because I have done that very thing to poor Jane (& myself.)

Sadly, I am fully aware that not only do those gel granules spread like suckers - they are near impossible to clean up. They seem to multiply, separate & then stick to new surfaces with every go over. Hence, even bleary eyed and in near dark at 5:15 am when Jane wakes up - she gets a new diaper before I start ignoring her!

Sarah said...

So true, Tania!! I'm glad I'm not the only one who's done it. Okay, new agenda: fresh diaper first, then neglect. ;-)