Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas and Boxing Day 2008

This year it was just the four of us alone here for Christmas, which might have been slightly pathetic, but fortunately both kids are at optimal ages for enjoying the holiday as it was meant to be: Ethan is still clinging staunchly to his belief in Santa, and Avery is just old enough to know that boxes plus wrapping paper equals new toys. Here they are acting like, well, like kids on Christmas:

Avery did not require any pompom coaching; she was born to shake it.

Okay, it's still a video game, but he's definitely getting a workout.

"Avery's" dollhouse; occasionally I even let her rearrange things, but after she's in bed I put it back just like this. Notice the Dad is downstairs doing the washing up. Alone. As it should be.

The kids feasted all day on chocolate coins and Lindt reindeer, so they weren't that interested in dinner; we gave them pasta and put them to bed early, and then had the kitchen to ourselves.

Here's our Christmas dinner, which I do understand is rather brown and unappetizing (however delicious); I'm showing it to you only for the purpose of passing on the following advice from one of our English friends re. the proper way to cook vegetables. When I mentioned apologetically that I thought the sprouts might be overdone, he observed that "as long as you can make out individuals, they're not overcooked." A quintessentially English point of view, but one I have adopted for reasons of digestion and because I have a houseful of small children who prefer not to have to chew their food before swallowing.

Boxing Day was gorgeous and sunny (and freezing, but never mind) so we went up to Knole Park for a walk, and to fly Ethan's new kite.

Ethan, Avery, and Dylan in Knole Park

Ethan and Avery in front of Knole House

Flying the kite

Ethan took this picture of Avery & me

Downtown Sevenoaks

Tomorrow it's back to school, work, and whatever it is I do. We wish you all the best in 2009!!


Shanakin Skywalker said...

But did you have to get her the red pom poms? You know how I feel about red.

Sarah said...

No, don't worry, they're pink!

Marie said...

I love the way you write and think Sarah. Especially the bit about the daddy in the dollhouse being in front of the kitchen sink, alone, lol. I have a 70 year old dishwasher here at Oak Cottage and it works like a charm. :-) It's also good for keeping your feet warm in bed. How did your friends like your Christmas cards? I loved seeing all the pictures of the kid's Christmas joys. I miss that living so far away from my family. It was nice to see yours, except that now I want a wii.

DR Thorstenson Family said...

You live in such a beautiful place! Hunter was just talking about Ethan at breakfast this morning. Lucy was crying about how she was going to miss her teacher and preschool friends once she starts Kindergarten. (Yes, Kindergarten does not start until August. She's a bit of a drama queen.) So, Hunter was telling her about all the friends he missed. We miss you, too!